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  1. TheRadiopharus

    Hi, I ride in the Andes, Peru. There is a huge mtb tribe here. I have a Taiwanese 27.5 ht with excellent parts 1×8 Shimano slx drive train, Shimano hydraulic brakes, Spoon Wheels, but the frame limits my capability because I am oriented to ride big drop offs (right now 8 stairs size type) do tricks and also enduro but the manufacturer expresses that the frame is intended for gnarly xc or trail (what is that anyway?). To this point the frame handles fine but I am scared to push its limits more (drop a 12 stairs size jump) because I don´t want to injure myself due to the frame breaking. I am searching for brands that sell stronger frames to buy and put my bike parts into it. So I ask you how good are KHS bikes (full sus) and Da Bomb bikes (ht for dirt jump models) because that are the brands less expensive here.

  2. Kurt Mccann

    i did much the same comparison ended up with a motobecane hal6 pro as my first real mountain bike.

  3. Orlando Olmo

    After way too long nursing my early 80's Specialized Rockhopper. I lucked out with a company perk that let me get a bike from Diamondbike. I chose the OverDrive Pro 29. At the time it list for 1,700, but I paid with the corporate discount , 995. Felt pretty happy with the deal. But going from a ridged 26 to a front suspended 29er on the pretty wimpy trails (by your channels standards) automatically kicked my strava times quite a bit up. I've even offered being an agent for guys at my other job who want a better bike. It was very tough deciding what to get. Felt that better bits over carbon frame was the way to go. That got me a 2 by and hydraulic disk brakes PLUS a Reba air fork. Folks need to check out if their company has purchasing plans. I never would have been able to get this good a bike with out that plan. They do have all levels of bikes on this corporate plan.

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