18. Tenuous Winners / Returning Home – The Hunger Games

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17 thoughts on “18. Tenuous Winners / Returning Home – The Hunger Games

  1. 13wlflvr

    So depressing, but absolutely gorgeous too. Reminds me of sad times, but also has a hopeful undertone…

  2. CamHdz

    1:21 to 2:58 is literally the best piece out of all the songs of the score ever written for any Hunger Games movie ever… It just makes me feel so much, I don't know, as if I was actually playing the piece and it just fills me up with so much emotion and speaks of so much hope

  3. Kailee Walden

    The first part before Rue's Farewell is a string version of the opening music during the Treaty of Treason, aptly titled The Hunger Games.

  4. SexyVixen1011

    In the 74 Hunger Games Rue told Katniss she had to win. Katniss's victory would not be limited for the Hunger Games but for all of Panem. Katniss became a symbol of hope and freedom for all the districts ruled under the tyrant, President Snow. The districts followed in Katniss's path to overthrow the cruel President Snow and not be slaves that would entertain the people in the Capitol. In the end Katniss and the districts were victorious and lived a life of peace that was free of tyranny. Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you the Ultimate Victor of the Hunger Games and all of Panem: Katniss Everdeen.

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