Monthly Archives: October 2015

New Goal for the Future

The end of the month couldn’t come any sooner. My first paycheck from my new job comes in when the month ends, and I really need the money. Before getting this job, I used to have a job as a delivery man for a local pizza restaurant. The restaurant shut down due to low business and I was left without a way to pay my bills. In a need for money, I got some quick cash loans from one of the lenders and used it. With the money from my first paycheck, I can pay off those loans.

For now, the job I have will have to do, until I can find something better. I want to go back to school so I can get a degree in computer science. I’ve always wanted to make my own software and make games for video game companies, but I never knew how to program or how to do any graphical design work. A lot of work goes into making video games, and with the foundation in place to build a video game from the ground up, I could have a lucrative career. Continue reading

Different Tastes but One Easy Programming Plan

When I moved a few months ago, I did not bother to get cable because I rarely watch TV at all. That changed about a month ago though when my ex told me that she was being deployed, which meant that our three children were coming to live with me for nearly a year. I was excited as I got ready for them, which included going online to so I could look at the different packages that they offer. All three of our children are different, so I wanted to make sure that the plan I picked had something for each of them.

My older daughter is a news junkie, so I had to make sure that the programming plan had a lot of news channels. I wanted the local channels so she could get the local news as well as the national and international news channels. Continue reading