Monthly Archives: March 2016

Walking Turned out to Be the Exercise for Me

Winter has been brutal on us. We have really missed the sunshine and warm weather. I can feel the cold down into my bones. I put on about 10 pounds since the holidays, and I have not had one piece of pumpkin pie. I have not eaten cookies or any stuff like that. No cake, even on my birthday. What did it for me was late night snacking of chips, crackers, peanuts and other things. I needed to up my metabolism by getting moving. I followed a link that said to click here to see how much of a benefit just walking can bring. I never thought much about it. I thought I would need a gym membership or have to get into some other sort of exercise.

It turns out that walking was the exercise for me. I did not even need any special sort of shoes to get started. I just put on an old comfortable pair of sneakers and started walking on a dry but still cold day. Continue reading

I’m Making a Living from What I Learned About

I went through my twenties without thinking about retirement at all. No one in my family ever talked about my needing to save for later years. None of my friends did either. So, I just did not think about it. By the time that I reached my thirties, I knew I needed to do something. So, I began looking into buying tax free municipal bonds and whatever else I could do for myself to make sure that I would be ready by the last day of work in my seventies.

One of the things that I like about the municipal bonds is that the interest that I earn on them is not taxed by the government. I wanted to learn exactly what they are, how long I should keep them and more. Continue reading