7 thoughts on “2017 Super Boat Key West Boat Crash

  1. Nathan Stephens

    He General Lee 01that bitch like the duke boys. To bad the other boat did not have Cooter paint. In the next race the boat would have looked brand new. 
    Shut the hell up, knowbody got hurt. We can all laugh now. Rubbing is racing Harry.

  2. stomper12000

    Not sure as to why the boat in front seemed to be in the path of the approaching boat at speed, but being on the water at high speed racing should be like F1 racing where there should be markers for pit entry or in this case, cones or ribbons to indicate pit entry where the driver behind can have more of an indication of the intentions of the boat in front of him. They can even place flashing light beacons on the rear of boats so that even at bouncing high speeds, the driver behind gets an indication someone is slowing down and can negotiate where he will go or make new rule to pass only on the left/right depending on the direction of circuit when approaching where pit area is located.  It's really cool stuff checking out racing at super speeds on the water but there should also be more safety protocols in place to avoid accidents like this one. the course is basically wide open with general width lanes and direction of travel, but it should also have a slow down section, flags, bouys, etc.  where drivers know that a boat is approaching the pits or to run slow in the section to avoid accidents.

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