18 thoughts on “5 Brutal Truths About Life No One Wants To Admit

  1. Project Life Mastery

    Hey guys, from my experience, the sooner you can accept these "brutal truths", then the more free and happier your life will be. Have you accepted these 5 brutal truths in your life? Which one have you been struggling with?

  2. Pamela C.

    I hold myself to TRYING to be a perfect 100% grammar free writer. I have so many stories to tell and I have to get over it and write them down..

  3. Med Ali Barghouthi

    'Happiness is Something that is created every single day and every single moment of your life.. and its a choice' Nice.

  4. Jake Parks

    This is a great video. I love the content on your channel. I came across Tony Robbins about four years ago and it has changed my whole outlook on life. You really personify his teachings. Keep up the good work.

  5. Sohail Faeiz

    This was truly an amazing video! Thanks so much it for the reinforcement, and realization that this video gave me!

  6. Mightymacca69

    I love your truth and I am trying my best to try and succeed with all your videos keep up the videos I love them all God bless

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