14 thoughts on “50 Cent On His New Comedy Show, Offers Advice To Kevin Hart + Usher

  1. Torrance Harris

    Let me break this down to you 50 Cent sounds smart because he was around Jimmy Iovine, Dre, and Eminem and others. They all were a team and passed along great information and great lawyers. You people sound silly to me when you say, "offer advice to Kevin Hart". 50 go through his own shit also and all those great lawyers tell you what positions to make. All that shit they do is general talk to me. How about learning science, math, php programming, engineering. Get off this nigga nuts

  2. Bipolar Beauty

    He still has a bullet in his jaw! This is public knowledge stop acting like y’all don’t know the niggas was shot 9 times! Talking about his speech! Don’t watch the interview then

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