5 thoughts on “A New Interview with Dr Ben Carson! Secretary of HUD!

  1. Zack TheBongRipper

    I was a bureaucrat for NYCHA/HUD and there is no way to reform that evil socialist monster. The things I saw while working in the projects would make your head twist off you body and send it into orbit. America is supporting these worthless and dangerous parasites (mostly negro) living in the projects, and the management is no better. They are animals, and they live like animals. The stories I could tell. . .Carson and Hannity don't know what they are talking about. Public housing is a dangerous and miserable socialist failure.

  2. Pam Johnson

    Love the HUD under Dr. Carson a man of proven value. They are a team, and teamwork always wins over bureaucracy. May he see much Trump triumph in the eight years of administration. Success always, Dr. Carson.

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