aimbotcalvin – NUTTY TRACER

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14 thoughts on “aimbotcalvin – NUTTY TRACER

  1. Mexican Gengu

    Did you guys realise he doesnt listen to his teammates callouts? Someone chat said „zen still top” around 6:30 and he leaned at the stairs as if he’s deaf. It just made me feel confused and i had to share my feelings.

  2. Runic Echoes

    what a depressive game to watch. Calvin literally tilted off the face, that isnt hard to tell ..

  3. potato mastery

    Hey Calvin are you ok? You seem a little down. I’m really sorry what’s ever bothering you and hope you feel better:(
    If you need to just take some time off we will understand you and support you. Hope you feel better❤️❤️❤️

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