17 thoughts on “Aoe2: Aegis FFA Sudden Death (Aegis Cheat On!)

  1. Jay Blodget

    "The shredded wheat army." XD
    It kills me every time because it's so true. I'm imagining a mod that turns rams into pieces of shredded wheat on wheels, that attack buildings by banging on them with spoons.

  2. Jacob Linding Pedersen

    the tactic is. build send 1 vill to build lumbercamp and 1 vill to build mill at berries berries will be gone in like 5 seconds.1 make a mining camp at gold rest schall go forward to take gold later. build more vills like 5 or so. send forward too. Build a mill by the boar and 1 by the deer. click feudal. make market. (make a new lumbercamp) sell all gold to food. (because you will in 20 seconds have mined all the goldpiles just by the mining camp. take all goldpiles. Make lots of lumbercamp with 1 vill by each 1 use 1 vill to make 1 archeryrange and a siegeworkshop by the enemy. Kill the enemy within 2 mins

  3. Jacob Linding Pedersen

    there is a different between male and female vills when aegis is on. try to shoot a boar with a male and then a female villager

  4. Kostadin Krushkov

    Hello i am quite new to the game and i have watched your main strategical tutorials but what i stil can't understand is when to start building an army or any units to protect/attack ( i am not talking about rushing strategies ) Care to explain to a noob

  5. Spiz103

    Given that arena has huge numbers of trees – wouldn't building a market and then simply putting everyone on lumber and trading for food be a useful option?

  6. Jeremy Levegood

    This is actually a interesting idea for a game mode. It would be a nice feature request. 😀

  7. 77Relax

    So send a vill with a mining camp to each pile, place lumbercamp next to a woodline, mill on the berries, get as much food asap. And then spam vills with farms and as much strong wood/gold units as possible.

  8. TheXanian

    If the Hun player could build some castles and roll out some tarkans then he could win the game. I don't understand why tarkans are often been ignored, they are excellent against buildings and siege.

  9. Rovsea -

    One thing that was actually really annoying was that the hunt seemed to be messed up. One of my elephants died in one shot from a villager, the other took the normal number of hits. Aegis also tends to favor the player with deer inside their walls a lot more.

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