Bigger Sidewalks Lead to Summer Parties with Neighbors and Lots of Fun

The big project for last summer was to reseed the lawn and get new sidewalks. We had renovated inside and out, and now we were getting new sidewalks and a driveway done by a concrete contractor in Nassau County, NY. We were having the contractor cut into the yard space up front and beside our home to widen the sidewalks to make them more spacious for us and our neighbors to use. The kids play on the sidewalks here, and the extra space made it better. We live in a neighborhood where everyone gets along for the most part. The big sidewalks turned out to be a hit as our neighbor next to us hired the same contractor to make their sidewalks bigger too. It was not long until the whole block on one side had all new sidewalks.

I like seeing the joggers, dog walkers, kids on bicycles and others go by on our wide sidewalks now. No more crowding even during the busiest times. We now have sidewalk sales, and we have even had a few sidewalk barbecues. We have never made so much use of our front lawn and sidewalk areas before. This was a new trend, and we were enjoying the time spent with neighbors. Our new driveway is still clean and new looking even after the winter weather it endured. The concrete sealing done after the project cured sheds the water and the grime. In the summer you will walk over chalk drawings and chalk-drawn hopscotch boards. There are flowers and hearts and stars drawn in colorful chalk everywhere. The kids have a blast.

It is amazing how we come up for uses for spaces where we can gather for some fun with neighbors. I had never been to a sidewalk party before, and the impromptu ones we throw kind of just pop up at the last minute.

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