11 thoughts on “BLACKseries – Oval Chainring review

  1. LuisManuelHdez

    i like oval rings. the diff is not dramatic on small mtb rings but there is a benefit nonetheless!

  2. 2b 1a

    the difference is not dramatic because 32T ring in MTB simple isn't big enough to notice the benefits. Effect is very pronounced if you try a 53T Osymmetric that's almost durian looking on a road bike. During actual pedaling it felt quite smooth, as the dead spots were eliminated. So in theory, you would be pushing a slightly bigger ring at 2 o'clock (strongest) position and slightly smaller ring at 6 o'clock (dead spot). The most annoying part is usually the drop chain from shifting in FD, not really a problem for MTBs with 1x so this is awesome!

  3. Chris Zacho

    What you should do is have two rings on the same crankset, both the same size but one circular the other oval. That way you can better compare them with a quick shift rather that relying on memory. That's what i did, best road test I ever did.


    i had been riding a 32tx20 single speed and had purchased a 27.5 plus bike single speed with the same gear ratio. Im wanting an edge. should i go with a 32t or 34t absolute black oval chainring ?

  5. The Darstadly Dynamite

    0:22 Oh really, and what exactly was I thinking? Well, as it turns out, I was wondering why the hell you've mashed the teeth into the tree?

  6. Gear Higher

    I researched the AB OVAL 32T thoroughly, outfitted my Open Cycles Open+ 29er out of the box mounted on Shimano 1×11 Crankset. They undoubtably make a huge difference IMO. I am a 52 year old male who has knee issues, and have ridden on this set up for over a month with much skepticism. The quality and ride with the AB Oval is a no brainer.

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