Brawler Tier List Rankings! Best & Worst Brawlers Post Balance Changes! Brawl Stars

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12 thoughts on “Brawler Tier List Rankings! Best & Worst Brawlers Post Balance Changes! Brawl Stars

  1. minidragon L

    I think barley should be slightly higher because I am still able to use him pretty well. I don't know about high level players though, because I'm a noob XD

    R.I.P. Mortis
    I like the piper 'buff' as I love long ranged brawlers

  2. Alex Wang

    Vro u know the games going downhill when u constantly see aggro piper in sng and heist, feelsbadman

  3. Ele~

    Piper should be in S Tier because she is dominating Sng and is even better than Brock. Rico is also better than you think and Spike is unusable because of piper’s dominance.

  4. Vile

    It's the first time since the very beginning of the game (2nd day) that I don't enjoy playing it. I think this implies that there is a major problem in the current meta. Cough cough… auto-aim …cough cough..

  5. Book Marker

    This is single handedly the worst and stupidest balance change in the history of any game. So many obvious things wrong with it that no one should have even suggested this at BS headquarters.

  6. Book Marker

    I can't believe supercell is this incapable of basic human thinking. How did they not realize how dumb a balance change like this and how bad it will change the meta. They even said they won't change multiple parts of brawlers anymore but now they buffed three huge parts of all ranged brawlers. They increased your sight which makes the game even more boring, they took away the one thing that made rico great and unique, and now showdown and regular matches are even more cancer than the tank meta. It's basically impossible to dodge pipers colts and Brocks shots while advancing and now people don't aim regularly at all

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