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Bigger Sidewalks Lead to Summer Parties with Neighbors and Lots of Fun

The big project for last summer was to reseed the lawn and get new sidewalks. We had renovated inside and out, and now we were getting new sidewalks and a driveway done by a concrete contractor in Nassau County, NY. We were having the contractor cut into the yard space up front and beside our home to widen the sidewalks to make them more spacious for us and our neighbors to use. The kids play on the sidewalks here, and the extra space made it better. We live in a neighborhood where everyone gets along for the most part. The big sidewalks turned out to be a hit as our neighbor next to us hired the same contractor to make their sidewalks bigger too. It was not long until the whole block on one side had all new sidewalks. Continue reading

Getting a Great Deal on a Laptop

I wanted to look at some Cyber Monday laptop deals because my computer has been acting up for a while now. It was a good computer when I got it nearly five years ago, but I needed something that is a lot faster than what this is. I knew that I could either spend more now and get one, or I could be patient and wait until all of the incredible deals are made available for the Christmas shopping season. I found a website that has all of the amazing deals that different stores are going to have, and I signed up for their email alerts so I would be able to know immediately when one of the stores that sells laptops puts out their Cyber Monday ads.

I was hoping to find a company that would have a bundle deal, as I had seen some of those last year when I was browsing some of the sales. Continue reading

Walking Turned out to Be the Exercise for Me

Winter has been brutal on us. We have really missed the sunshine and warm weather. I can feel the cold down into my bones. I put on about 10 pounds since the holidays, and I have not had one piece of pumpkin pie. I have not eaten cookies or any stuff like that. No cake, even on my birthday. What did it for me was late night snacking of chips, crackers, peanuts and other things. I needed to up my metabolism by getting moving. I followed a link that said to click here to see how much of a benefit just walking can bring. I never thought much about it. I thought I would need a gym membership or have to get into some other sort of exercise.

It turns out that walking was the exercise for me. I did not even need any special sort of shoes to get started. I just put on an old comfortable pair of sneakers and started walking on a dry but still cold day. Continue reading

I’m Making a Living from What I Learned About

I went through my twenties without thinking about retirement at all. No one in my family ever talked about my needing to save for later years. None of my friends did either. So, I just did not think about it. By the time that I reached my thirties, I knew I needed to do something. So, I began looking into buying tax free municipal bonds and whatever else I could do for myself to make sure that I would be ready by the last day of work in my seventies.

One of the things that I like about the municipal bonds is that the interest that I earn on them is not taxed by the government. I wanted to learn exactly what they are, how long I should keep them and more. Continue reading

New Goal for the Future

The end of the month couldn’t come any sooner. My first paycheck from my new job comes in when the month ends, and I really need the money. Before getting this job, I used to have a job as a delivery man for a local pizza restaurant. The restaurant shut down due to low business and I was left without a way to pay my bills. In a need for money, I got some quick cash loans from one of the lenders and used it. With the money from my first paycheck, I can pay off those loans.

For now, the job I have will have to do, until I can find something better. I want to go back to school so I can get a degree in computer science. I’ve always wanted to make my own software and make games for video game companies, but I never knew how to program or how to do any graphical design work. A lot of work goes into making video games, and with the foundation in place to build a video game from the ground up, I could have a lucrative career. Continue reading

Different Tastes but One Easy Programming Plan

When I moved a few months ago, I did not bother to get cable because I rarely watch TV at all. That changed about a month ago though when my ex told me that she was being deployed, which meant that our three children were coming to live with me for nearly a year. I was excited as I got ready for them, which included going online to so I could look at the different packages that they offer. All three of our children are different, so I wanted to make sure that the plan I picked had something for each of them.

My older daughter is a news junkie, so I had to make sure that the programming plan had a lot of news channels. I wanted the local channels so she could get the local news as well as the national and international news channels. Continue reading

Started Playing Around with My New Scanner

Started playing around with my new scanner and I am looking at getting the best software to do the job that I have in mind. I am looking at a couple of options and thinking about whether or not scan speeder is going to be able to do what I want. You can download it here,, but honestly I have been reluctant to use cnet since I had a very bad experience with them after I bought my new computer last year. Actually I bought all of the parts and then this friend of mine helped me to put it together. It was a lot cheaper that way and I got a really good computer that I never could have afforded if I had bought it off the shelf of a big box store. Continue reading

How Much Do You Need to Earn?

I have been thinking about the math on these ideas that I have had. I was talking about going partners with this guy, but to be honest the guy seems like a bit too much of a loose cannon and unrealistic about the stuff he is talking about. He has this good idea I think and it would be worth trying if you could stand the risk and you had the cash flow. For instance we can not afford the cost of something like cash advance loans online. That does not make sense, you have to earn too much back on the investment for it to work out. First you have to service the interest on the debt, which is going to eat in to your profits. If you go to a bank and get the sort of terms that they can offer, then this would be well worth it. The problem is getting it to the place where it would be self supporting.

At first you obviously have to put a bunch of cash in this thing. It would be like a baby that needs you to do every little thing for it. Continue reading

My Folks Needed a Maid

My parents are getting older, but they don’t seem to realize it. They are still both extremely active even though they have been retired for a few years now. They simply will not slow down, and it does worry my brother and myself a bit. We are worried that they are going to exhaust themselves because they are out a good bit of the day, then they come home and do chores. We decided to look at different maids in Singapore to see if this would be something that we could afford.

We contacted a company about their prices, and we saw that it would be easily affordable between the two of us. Our next step was approaching our parents about it. We had a feeling that we were going to have a battle on our hands because they are so independent. Continue reading

It Really is Not Good

You can use garcinia cambogia for weight loss as well as many other things, but its primary function these days is for weight loss. A long time ago people used to eat this plant, but now a days it is used just for its weight loss purposes. It is funny how the use of plants changes throughout time. It seems that as soon as they figure out that a plant has a second use, that is all the plant is ever used for. It is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is definitely not a good thing. There are plenty of uses for this plant, but none of them will ever be discovered because people are too busy using it all on the supposed weight loss benefits. Continue reading

Best Tree Services for Long Island Area

I have a lot of trees on my property, and it is several more trees than I want to have. I am sick of having to pick up so many sticks, and acorns, and having to deal with the leaves that fall out of the trees in winter. I should have cut down some of these trees, when they were but saplings. However, I did not anticipate such issues, and let them live to maturity. That has came back to bite me, as now I need to find tree service in long island to hire for the job. I am thinking that I would like to have at least half of the trees in my yard cut down, but I doubt that I can afford that.

I need to work with a contractor that does tree work, to figure out a price for an acceptable amount of work. Continue reading

Great Prices on Shower Doors

I am hoping to find a shower door in the near future to replace the shower door that is currently on my shower. It is broken, and it quite a pain in the butt to deal with right now. I guess that the bottom hinge is broken on the shower, and now, sometimes when you open the shower door too quickly, it will come out of place, and cause the whole door to fall out. That is why I want to find some prices on shower doors in long island in the near future.

I need to get this shower door replaced as soon as I can, because it is causing me so much annoyance the way it is right now. If I am lucky, then I will be able to find a shower door that is pretty cheap. I am also looking for a place that will sell me a shower door, and then bring it over to my house, and install it into my bathroom. Continue reading

Don’t Forget the Lights on Anymore

There are few home security teams that are better than the buffalo ny adt team, they are some of the best in home security and they do everything that they can to make you feel safe as can be inside of your own home. I mean as far as I can tell everyone out there wants to be safe in their home and would not be here if they did not want to be. I mean we choose our home, but we do not get to choose those that live around us and if there is any way to make a home safer, I do not know why anyone would ever consider going without it. I mean if a theif breaks into my home, I want the police notified whether I am there or not so the security system that goes onto the door or the window and makes an alarm trigger is a great idea. Continue reading

How Hard is It to Trade Stocks

I was thinking about this and the fact that trading stocks rarely seems to be a good idea, but because no matter how much money you make on the transaction you are always going to lose money on the deal to the broker. I am wondering if you can find some sort of ultra secret stock trading software that gets you around the broker and the fees that they charge you. If you could get out of paying those guys every time you made a deal it might make it worth the effort. Of course the way to invest is to buy something that is going to stay good and get better. For instance a company like General Electric is well run and they have a lot of core industries where they are dominant. It is not likely that one day they are going to wake up and all of their business is going to be out of fashion. It is obvious that their products will be outdated, but they will react to that.

You want to buy a stock that has sound fundamentals and which you are going to hold on to for the long haul. People think that you make money by wheeling and dealing like a whirling dervish, but the only guy who profits from that action is the guy who collects a commission every time you make a sell or every time you buy a stock. It is all about the moving of stocks for those guys. A lot of them probably do not care the least bit about whether or not the client makes a profit. They are just trying to get them to make a move so that they can cash a check off of it. Obviously the client should see that for what it is.

A Soon-To-Be Obsolete Business Model

After moving to a new area, I thought that I would be able to do without cable. An Internet connection is usually enough to keep me happy but lately I have been uneasy about torrenting movies and shows from the web as I’ve begun to feel increasingly guilty about it. So in an effort to be a more responsible adult, I looked over to check out Comcast’s pricing for their television. It’s not bad – it’s certainly more fairly priced than the cost of their Internet packages and I hope it’s going to have a better quality to it, too!

I try not to hate on the cable companies, I really do. I admire them for what they offer us. I enjoy the services that they provide. Continue reading

My Personal Espresso Coffee Ceremony

So you got yourself some fine coffee beans did you? You’re ready to making a fine cup of espresso to ready yourself for the day to come but did you remember to buy your Porlex Grinder? You’re going to need a grinder for those beans which is a wonderful way to start experimenting with your personal cup of coffee, one that has been designed and refined by you, one that is strong enough to your liking. To be honest, that is my favorite part of making a cup of espresso. The entire process is very zen like, measuring out the beans, grinding them to perfection before brewing and pressing them.

I consider it my version of the tea ceremony. The Japanese art form which displays a mastery of tea brewing where they craft an entire experience of peace and of control. Continue reading

Started to Plan the Wedding

Started to plan the wedding the other day, but of course right now we are just roughing out what it will cost and trying to figure out exactly what it is going to cost us. There is a great deal of things that you have to pay for. There are the small things, which add up quickly and then there are the really big things. A wedding photographer is the sort of thing you have to have. It is not something you need to scrimp on, you need to find a person who is capable of doing the work the way you expect it to be done. That is fairly obvious. You can not get your half witted cousin Vernon and his half drunk buddy Earl to take photos with their cell phones. Continue reading

The Idea Behind a Good Plumber

It is a little ironic, but a good plumber often goes unnoticed and highly underappreciated in many situations. Of course someone who shows up and saves the day during an emergency repair or other service may be recognized as a hero, but what about the plumbers that install the system right in the first place or provide the maintenance that prevents problems from ever occurring? Those guys are the best hires as they can save money and headaches. This is exactly why the research and time put into finding a plumber in Bergen County NJ is a wise investment, as sticking with a reputable worker can be a potentially life altering decision.

Of course the services offered by contractors are extremely varied, as they can do everything from installing new systems to maintaining or repairing old ones. Continue reading

The Viewers Love to See Me Angry

Ever since I decided to buy twitch followers last month, I’ve been getting a lot of people coming to my channel. They all like to watch me play and sometimes join in on the game with me if I’m playing a multiplayer game. The new followers helped me get to over 10,000 followers. I promised everyone that I would do something special if I ever got to that many followers, and I kept my promise. I decide to play a certain set of games for an entire month as a thank you to all the viewers.

These games weren’t just any normal game. These games are well known for being some of the hardest and most unforgiving games of all time. Continue reading

A New Opportunity Found in Singapore

Three months. That’s exactly how long we have now been in Singapore since the project head shifted our entire department to this bustling, economically blooming city. Three long months of working tirelessly to complete our project and hopefully attract enough attention to capture some financial investors. Despite our relative success in staying on track with the time table we’re up against, we’re experiencing a single issue that has come to our attention again and again. Without the help of, a service which provides on the spot cheap meeting rooms, we wouldn’t be able to host a single meeting with any extra investors or partners. Continue reading

You Are the Legacy of Your Family

Deciding that I needed to do more with my life rather than just let my time waste away, I chose to begin taking part time degree courses in Singapore since I was here visiting family for the next six months. While I doubt there will be many Universities back home that will accept credits from programs like this overseas, I see it as a good way to spend my time while I delve into a culture I know very little about despite it being a part of my heritage even if it is one that is distantly removed. I believe it important to know where you come from.

Your family history can give you insights into yourself I have come to understand in the recent years. Knowing how my parents were raised, hearing their own dreams and hopes, their failures and successes, has colored my world in a whole different way. I never expected to admire them as I do now. Thus, I began to journey through the family line in hopes of learning more. Continue reading

Baldness: the Worst Thing to Happen to Men Ever

At eighteen, you’re not supposed to lose your hair. You’re supposed to be invincible, healthy, virile and magnificent. You’re supposed to be full of life that is limitless, a growing man in a boy’s body. And yet, at eighteen, I was gazing mournfully into a mirror as I saw the beginnings of a receding hairline. Who knew that losing hair could begin at such a young age. In truth, it’s a travesty. There was only one silver lining to all of this; at eighteen I was in Singapore where I could get hair treatment in Singapore for incredibly cheap. Luck it seems was on my side after all.

Apparently my family’s genetics is just awful. Continue reading

Best Fort Worth Energy Providers

I am in the process of moving into an apartment. I just out of my parents house, but it was a few years after I was expecting to move out. They told me I could stay until I was able to afford a place of my own. However, for a number of years, I had a job that did not pay very well, and that was rather depressing. Anyway, I am looking into reliant energy in fort worth to try to find out what their energy rates are like.

I do not have a real good reason for looking at their rates first, other than the fact that my parents buy their electricity from that company. Continue reading