17 thoughts on “Class Changes: Battle for Azeroth

  1. Danni Steger

    nice idea with the video, but annoying the video didnt follow your ideas ( voice ) like it shows demon hunter cahnges.when you talk about death knight etc.

  2. gamertech360

    Can't wait to see how many millions of sheep leave the Blizzherd when they puke out yet another piece of failed content.

  3. Michael Beleut Griffiths

    Totally loving how this expansion I keep getting benched due to being a Retribution Paladin. Even though I've been playing Retribution for years. Talking about Mythic Avatar/Kil'Jaeden. # retwheelchair

  4. Flamalam

    I would like to see some full class rehauls to be honest, I felt like some classes where super boring in legion

  5. Blizzhoof

    Homogenize tanks so they can all survive about equally, then give Commanding Shout to Warriors and leave Stampedeing Roar in. Hmm…I wonder what tank combo every guild will run.

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