Cuphead – Part 1 – ContinueQuest

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18 thoughts on “Cuphead – Part 1 – ContinueQuest


    Yo. I just realized something. "Ended up on the wrong side of the tracks". The Devil's Casino is on the other side of a train track.

  2. "Pixel Reality"-Пиксельная Реальность

    Ну и лошары! Играть не умеют, как и видосы делать тоже не умеют, чмошники

  3. flawbertrobert

    I mean, I hate to be that guy but… GODDAMN DUCK ALREADY you can go under his punches. Also you can parry his pink question marks.

  4. christian pierce

    thta mushroom in the first run n gun level ISSSSSSSS a kirby enemy straigh up lmao . he even blows the same air attack lol
    and if thats all i noticed im usre there more homages in here lol

    FINALLY holy shit im so excited ivebeen waiting for these videos to start coming out and i am HYPE

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