9 thoughts on “Deniece Williams – Silly

  1. Robert J. Taylor

    All relationships don't work out simply because the lady wants it to be groovy.  A lover out to score?  Well perhaps, but maybe the lady should not be looking for more.  After all, did she ask the gentleman what he wanted out of their relationship or what his own plans were going forward?  Or, did she simply desire a particular outcome which was never really discussed within the spirit of collaboration?  LADIES, PLEASE HAVE FORWARD THINKING DISCUSSIONS with any man whom you might desire to fall in love with, because what he wants and plans is just as important as what you want and plan!  Expectations should always be a two-way street.  Great song, however, and also an eloquent teaching moment, don't you think?

  2. Cindy Jones

    You are all don't wt me Ilu come back to me I'll give more than you never had I crazy about you I don't want to be your fool I want you to truly love me

  3. viqueen62169

    Experienced my first heart break when this song came out. Took many years to get over it. Played this song over the years to sooth my soul.

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