Do You Feel Constantly Ashamed Of Yourself?

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14 thoughts on “Do You Feel Constantly Ashamed Of Yourself?

  1. mary sunshine

    Thanks for sharing this topic and advising on it with compassion and earning your subs and clicks. You kindness shines right through. I KNOW toxic shame ad it's close relationship with people being harmful to each other. To overcome this, just FYI if it helps anyone, I used to tell myself these things: "You can't control the actions/judgements/will of others if they chose to try to harm you", "Of all the responsibilities you could understand are actually on your shoulders your well-being (making sure U are ok, not self judging < the source of the shame he talks about) is innate and god-given (atheists you know what turn-of-phrase means and Christians you have the right to beliefs that best suit U not granted the infliction on others against their will) duty for u to care for U", "U are your own best advocate because u know u best and can grant pardon or make deliberate change being the multifaceted person you are. People do not change but they can relearn how to operate more efficiently", "Do what works", Finally if you feel the urge to self judge and be your own worst enemy remember you can win at beating forces inside that have OVER compensated and are now become a cancer and are malfunctioning by looking right inside isolating the problem/s and then allowing the sense of peace be your victory because, "People will try to make you feel shame just for breathing. If you buy their BS then they tricked you, they are wrong and time wasted blaming ones self is better spent mending an emotional wound with self affirmation (you make you hot tea a say the next 5 minutes are mine to do nothing but enjoy the sensation in my body of just being and being you). You can learn from painful experience and try to heal and if you believe you can succeed, then you have already won." Good will to any who read this and thanks again to Sean for his keen insight.

  2. stan lee

    most of my life I have suffered from mental illness. I hallucinate at night hearing nocking, banging and what I think are rocks being thrown at my house wakeing me up several times dureing the night. my neighbour has invited me to a camp fire in her back yard I think im being set up to be attacked and robed or murdered. I went out once last year. I went out for the day with a new friend and I ruined it I thougt he was setting me up so people could rob my house while we were gone. I wish I was dead I hate living in hell every day hearing voices ect…… god help me I want to be free from myself.

  3. Steven Clegg

    So true. I just typed in about getting over stuff and actually said exactly wat has been going on. It can be so annoying thinking back at stuff and I even will vocalise when a memory comes.everything your saying I have and I can resinate with. Thanks. I need to be able to forgive my self in order to move forward.

  4. Tatiana Elagina

    I feel hugely ashamed of talking about the things I truly love. Mostly because I feel like I'm exposing the most vulnerable and important part of myself. And also because I'm terrified of being judged for the things that are dear to me. I'm ashamed of how passionate I can get. It turns me into a very negative and boring person.

  5. Deborah Brennan

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for being open and for being brave in sharing your experiences and your kindness in helping people. This is the first video I have watched of yours and seriously this has helped me tremendously. I have been in therapy for years on and off and rarely has advice struck a cord with me. Seriously thank you, thank you so much, I'm gonna binge watch all your videos.
    If I could hug you through the screen I would. You made something click in my brain!
    Thank you again. X

  6. Beautiful Dreamer

    I appreciate your shared knowledge, I can tell you have really studied a lot about this subject in order to beat it. I want to do the same.

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