19 thoughts on “drawing with pretty small pencils ✏️ (pretty & small)

  1. Gracie Lillesand

    This guy is my life cx I just started to watch him and he's made me laugh so hard just from his comments

  2. Veronika Blahutová

    Wait, if you were able to draw with tips of your fingers, would you sharpen them then? You would also eventually run out of you finger… creepy.

  3. this video triggered me.

    when you been using your pencils for so long and sharpend them so much theyve become tiny

  4. Savannah Clark

    they are the same size as the penicles you find at school on the floor when you need one but forgot to bring one.

  5. meower 808

    maybe we could draw with our finger if we had glands that created an ink that we could eject from our finger/fingers. idk

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