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2 thoughts on “DUGGAR SHOCKING NEWS!!! Jill Duggar Shares HEARTBREAKING STORY About Derick Dillard [VIDEO]

  1. youmama143

    Oh my heck! Who cares if he doesn't like Jazz! He has a right to speak his mind the same way the LGBTQ community does about straight people and opposers. That is one of our freedoms here in the great USA. As a religious person myself I don't believe in it, but again I believe in free agency. I think it's wrong for her parents to have given her the choice as a little boy. Kids that young don't understand the human mind. Maybe she would have changed her mind if her parents wouldn't have pushed her into it. I think Jazz is a beautiful "looking" young woman and now after suppressing her hormones she is a girl, but not in the real sense of the word. She's about the only one I can use the proper pronoun for, because of what her parents did to her. For her there is really no turning back. I think she is beautiful and I cannot tell she was born male thanks to her dumb parents. At a religious standpoint, I don't believe that my perfect God makes mistakes so when a trans person says I was born in the wrong body, that is not true. I believe it is a mental illness of some sort. I don't believe in forcing them to change their thinking by going thru those horrific inversion therapies or whatever they are called, but if they prayed hard and just listened for the spirit, some people would have probably changed their minds. When I hear of them committing suicide, my heart breaks for them, but it looks like they are depressed. From a religious standpoint it is the adversary himself that is causing this. He's whispering in their ears terrible things that make them hate themselves, that makes them feel like they are not right. It's just like a person who is anorexic or bulimic that is really thin, but in their mind they think they're 500 lbs. It's a mental illness. It's also the adversary telling them they're fat when we know damn well they're skinny, but they just won't believe us. I'm not going to be PC and sugarcoat these things just because today's society is so accepting of so many things that we should all know is wrong. I have nothing against anyone who is trans or gay. That is their choice and right, but stop criticizing those people like Derrick Dillard that believes that it is a sin. For those of you that say we are wrong or that there is no GOD, just ask yourself this, "what if"? What if there is a God? What if these things are a sin? I have a son that is gay. I love him with all my heart. I don't agree with what he thinks God made him, but I let him choose what he wants, because he's my son. I have one son who used to love the Lord and believe with all his heart, but one day he just stopped and now consideres himself an atheist thanks to some poor choice in friends and some heartbreaks he had. When he gets mad at me he goes straight for my religious beliefs and knows that it breaks my heart, but I still love him with my whole heart. It makes me cry, very sad and even sick to my stomach/heart when he does it and he knows it. I just tell him I love him and one day we will all know the truth. So back to Derrick, he shouldn't judge. Instead say a prayer for her and remember she is one of God's children and it's not our right to judge. He has a right to defend himself against those who knock him down for believing in God. Same thing for the Duggar family. People are always talking smack about them being Christian and having issues that are not Christlike qualities with some family members like Josh. This family doesn't push religion down your throats, they just have a show showing us that they are trying as hard as they can to be great parents, grandparents, siblings and spouses. Being that they are HUMAN like the rest of us, some people might stray from being faithful or kissing before marriage. We never look down on actors and actresses doing it, why is it only those that talk about loving God and holding out for sex and any kind of intimacy that gets ostracized? People even make up rumors or try to find anything that they can to make sure they can bring this family down. Some say Joy Anna was pregnant before marriage and they are trying to make her feel worthless because of her beliefs and won't let her enjoy her pregnancy. Derrick made a comment about Jazz and now he's fired. How is that fair? Kim Kardashian became famous because she screwed someone and released the video and she is loved by millions. The world thinks that is ok, but if you are a family that is known for being devout to God, everyone does whatever they can to get that show removed from TV. How is that? She flaunts herself and her family is a bunch of prideful, immoral people and that show is doing great. No one cares about the cheating, TRANSformation, babies before marriage, etc. The world has become a place where things that used to be taboo and immoral are now ok and trying to live a righteous life is not. I'm guilty of watching both kinds of TV and I know I shouldn't, but that doesn't mean I spiritually support the ones that I know are wrong, I'm just human and I sometimes just have nothing better to do. This is why I love the Duggar's show and shows that are made by people from my religion, because it feels good to see the good out there. Sorry if this was long and preachy, but as my daughter sometimes says #sorrynotsorry we need to turn our hearts back to God and Jesus before it's too late.

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