10 thoughts on “Economists Determine How Much Time Different Races Waste at Work

  1. just to say this

    I'd like to know more about the people. What type of jobs did they have? Did they only work 40 hr weeks. Were there days only 8 hrs? Depending on those answers you could get really different results. Most Mexicans I know work 10hr days 6 days a week. Granted they are in the construction industry. But still that's completely different than someone who sits at a desk from 9-5.

  2. manofonetitle

    Hmm….i looked at the archived article and i dont really see enough info for me to buy into this. I think that in order to get to the reason why there is (according to this study) a disparity of work efficiency among race and gender, there needs to be more details looked at. What type of jobs were they talking about here, contractors or office jobs or all? What was the age group of the subjects evaluated and is there a difference? How do we know if the white people slacking off were reprimanded or reported less than the black people were at the job, or wether the managers were terrible or not? Theres too many variables and the study just seems really vague. Im not really calling it b.s. because for all i know it could be true, im just not convinced with that chart. Feels like this is more about the controversy than it is about the truth.

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