1. Linsey Carter

    Hey I love your videos! You are so sweet and I love hearing about your opinions. I just started my own videos about books and I’m currently vlogging myself reading Harry Potter for the first time. If anyone would like to watch please subscribe. ❤️

  2. DorksidertheGreat

    Uuuugh, fuckin twilight. Teaching/condoning/normalising abusive relationships, being the very definition of an idiotic, worthless just absolutly SHITTY main female character that was to good God damn dumb to BREATH on her own and HORRIBLE writing. I cannot understand how anyone older then 13 would like these with out the oft far to overpowered nastalgia filter. Please dont let your young girls read that series,it is literal trash.

  3. Kimberley Quegan

    The parasole protectorate series by gail carriger…hilarious Victorian steampunk werewolves and vampires with a kickass female lead. What's not to love.

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