16 thoughts on “Forget Balance & Do This Instead | Back to Basics

  1. Issy

    I guess you can never truly balance everything because life is just not balanced. And that's not necessarily a bad thing. Like you pointed out, there are areas of your life that require more attention and building than others, and this changes up all the time.

  2. JoyfishXO

    This is something interesting to keep in mind. I think one thing a lot of people may struggle with is being able to pick out that one thing. I know when I try to pick out my #1 priority, several things come into mind and not just one! But becoming familiar with priorities is really helpful for life and it's something I'm working on 🙂

  3. Whitney Deivory

    I've been focusing on school, and neglecting my dreams. i think its time to take a break. thanks for the video

  4. Rekha Lahkar Deka

    Lav, my 9th grade's session started today,and I really really want to be focused on my studies all year round.So can you give me some of your beautiful tips to help me.Please,Lavi,please.

  5. Alessio Sacco

    This is so enlightening. What if we actually spend more time and energy into planning and balancing our lives instead of doing what we need?

  6. aestheticxkat

    I'm loving this Back To Basics series so much! It truly is important to focus on what your body and spirit need. Trying to have it all at once might work, but only for a while. Thank you so much for the advice and such positive vibes. Love u!! xx

  7. Nancy happycamper

    I think I do both. I have a routine, but sometimes I can't get motivated unless I do my birdwatching or short hike first 🙂

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