9 thoughts on “GIFTED – Chris Evans & Mckenna Grace Interview

  1. Ty Xiong

    Wow. Mckenna sort of reminds me of Emma Watson when she was a child. Smart, positive, outgoing, and mature.

  2. KiKiGaming!!

    Question : In the movie how come she said smart ass and holy shit, I'm not meaning to curse. Just using it as an example

  3. wolverineiscool

    wow…that little girl has more personality than im sorry to say but chris evans, chris evans is all smiley smiley but basically a dud, he isn't really funny without his avengers cast members and he looks like he has nothing to say most of the times but this kid is on fire, she brightens up the whole interview

  4. Hafiz Mat Saberi

    for this year, we got two most adorable girl pairing up with a handsome guy as a daughter and father figure. First with Logan and now this. XD

  5. Owlbbarnes

    Wonderful interview, thank you! Mckenna is so adorable and such a delight to see her interviews with Chris. She's so mature and well spoken for her age. Very excited for this movie.

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