Giordano, Hamilton lead Flames to 5-2 road win

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14 thoughts on “Giordano, Hamilton lead Flames to 5-2 road win

  1. Don Atello

    0.40 why did Daniel fall for no reason. He would have scored sedins are always falling down at least 5-10 times a game. So dumb

  2. Mystic Phoenix

    So there was a 3 on 1 goal, a guy left all by himself to shoot, a screened shot, and a deflection and you're all shitting on the goalie? I mean the last goal sure, but the first 4 really not a whole lot he could do.

  3. Shreks Swamp

    still have no idea why they make boeser a healthy scratch for 2 games than throw him on the 1st line for the next 2 games. if he's that good which he is why would he be benched… smfh

  4. Trevor Yee

    We would be so much better if we had a better goalie than Markstrom. Pls start Nillson Travis Green

  5. Sirhcl P

    Vancouver is gonna be like home ice for all the visiters again….such a welcoming city…83 we really sucked too

  6. The Hockey Guy's Ex-Wife

    No one is going to want to watch this team lose for such expensive tickets, that's the canucks attendance problem

  7. Owen Real

    anyone else notice the amount of empty seats? without the flames fans his arena would be as empty as the florida panthers arena lol

  8. Just That Guy

    they were chanting go flames go at the game. I know cuz i was at the game and u can hear it in the video

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