Hedge Trimming The Large Cyprus! | RSWAL Ep. 38

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8 thoughts on “Hedge Trimming The Large Cyprus! | RSWAL Ep. 38

  1. Swimbait1

    We do a fair number of arborvitae hedges each year. Not sure how it would work on this Cyprus but we start on one end and run the pole trimmer from the bottom of the shrub then sweep the trimmer up in one smooth motion to about 12:00 then step forward and repeat. This leaves a very clean and even surface and it goes very fast. The trimmer travels in a motion similar to a wiper blade.

  2. Kenneth N. Shortlidge

    Since you seem to do a lot of hedges, have you considered constructing a mobile machine to reduce the effort and speed up the time required?

  3. Adriaczi A

    Hi, I have a question, how many time you need to trim 100 ft hedge, sorry for my english. I very like your program.

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