How Hard is It to Trade Stocks

I was thinking about this and the fact that trading stocks rarely seems to be a good idea, but because no matter how much money you make on the transaction you are always going to lose money on the deal to the broker. I am wondering if you can find some sort of ultra secret stock trading software that gets you around the broker and the fees that they charge you. If you could get out of paying those guys every time you made a deal it might make it worth the effort. Of course the way to invest is to buy something that is going to stay good and get better. For instance a company like General Electric is well run and they have a lot of core industries where they are dominant. It is not likely that one day they are going to wake up and all of their business is going to be out of fashion. It is obvious that their products will be outdated, but they will react to that.

You want to buy a stock that has sound fundamentals and which you are going to hold on to for the long haul. People think that you make money by wheeling and dealing like a whirling dervish, but the only guy who profits from that action is the guy who collects a commission every time you make a sell or every time you buy a stock. It is all about the moving of stocks for those guys. A lot of them probably do not care the least bit about whether or not the client makes a profit. They are just trying to get them to make a move so that they can cash a check off of it. Obviously the client should see that for what it is.

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