1. Jeff Morrow

    Hey, So I just tried this out on the range today! I took my 25 balls and put them in neat little piles off to the side. With the rest I just worked on striking the ball with good contact and being consistent. So after warming up I started with my 7 Iron. I felt like I could not get a pure shot out it. So I moved on did a few lob shots, driver shots, 9 iron and fairway wood shots . All in all I felt like I fell short on this practice. But When it came time to hit my 5 sets of 5. I did amazing 4 and 5 or 5 out of 5 on all 5 clubs. Now that left me with a feeling of like I had came away with something from this practice.

  2. David Donkin

    The quote i think you're looking for is from Albert Einstein
    'The definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.'

  3. Matt Fereday

    When I practice at the range I like to visualise the holes on my local course and hit my shots as if I'm playing the course, with the exception of putting tht is 😉 there all gimmes on the range. But ill try this method out next visit! Great vids guys thanks.

  4. blanche herron

    Wow…..can't tell how surprised I was to view and hear your response to how to effectively use my practice sessions. Believe me I will develop a plan going forward……Thanks!  

  5. Max Tremaine

    Could you guys do a video on what kind of winter training you can do without hitting balls, or even holding a club? Not necessarily a workout routine, but more like good coordination or mobility drills. I live in Toronto and it is expensive to hit an indoor range three times a week while there is snow on the ground.

  6. Nick Martin

    Piers, please stop saying 'for sure'. You are not a foreign exchange student. Love the videos though

  7. Ding-Wen Chen

    Can't wait to try this practice method. I love the super slow motion swing practice. It helps me to solve my slice(fix flipping hands during back swing). I use the same 5 ball 5 clubs practice at the driving range. I pretend I am playing a long par 5. Every club has a target to hit. This works well too.

  8. Yeah

    You guys should make an app?

    What i do (16 years old off of 5) go out onto the course to practise, but what i do is i have redesigned the club's score card into my own personal one. On the card there are the following subtitles; fairway L|M|R, GIR, no. of putts, score, weather conditions, mood, wind, and ball type (to see what ball i play best with in the right conditions). Using this i have come from 18 to 5 in less than 9 months

  9. K.C. Hingley

    Great idea. Just came off a terrible hack and slash range session. I will use this is my next practice session.

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