How to Deal with Embarrassment

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14 thoughts on “How to Deal with Embarrassment

  1. Weird and Awkward

    I have agoraphobia (a extreme fear of embarrassment) when I do any thing even remotely embarrassing I feel like I'll throw up Ive actually stopped letting my mom take pictures of me cause I always hate how they look

  2. Indigo Pin

    I tend to sing the first song that comes to my mind when I'm nervous, I ended up singing a really dirty song and my friend heard, I'm so embarrassed lol

  3. Rositta Mubarika

    Also regretting the message that you sent somebody a week ago and regretting it later.. Feeling how dumb I was… and I should have said this was instead of this… AM I D ONLY 1 WHO FEELS LIKE THIS?

  4. Rositta Mubarika

    Every time I get embarresed I feel like jumping in Indian ocean and never come back also melt like an ice and mix in it. Lol. I can't help. But this is an accurate depiction of it.

  5. aesthetically kara

    my friend dared me to pretend to be someone else and talk to my ex, so i did and they found out it was me and i felt so awkward afterwards and school is in like 2 days so idk how to deal with this embarrassment that i failed LOL

  6. cha le

    i love to embarrass myself sometimes because it makes me an easy target for patronisation which makes me still feel like a child

  7. That Water Bottle Suga Drank from

    Help. My mom told me to go downstairs to get something from our neighbor. I used the escalator.

    clicks 5

    elevator goes down down to 1

    a lot of people come in and look at my flip flops


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