1. Gg Swp

    To all the people who game it's hard to load the game is because the map is really big and your computer can't handle it

  2. DuckMiser

    Tips on dinosaur simulator: Play as a Triceratops, it grows fast and is
    more bulky and faster then T Rex. Once you reach day 11, you unlock
    spinosaurus, which is bulky and it swims underwater. Now that you have
    alot of DNA, its time to buy some dinos.

    First, Sarcosuchus is a good choice, as it swims underwater and has more
    attack and defense as Spinosaurus. Hatzegopteryx is slower but a bit
    better then Quetzalcoatlus. Quetzalcoatlus is faster but a bit weaker
    then Hatzegopteryx. Also the flying in this game isn't trash, you just
    need to control it. Ankylosaurus is a good dinosaur with the most defense
    and good attack, just very slow. Deinosuchus takes longer to grow but
    has more defense and less oxygen then Sarcosuchus. Mosasaurus is one of
    the best sea creatures. Apatosaurus is a great dino, just slow. Once you
    have more DNA you can get more expensive dinosaurs, like Barosaurus,
    Shantungosaurus, Machimosaurus and Aegisuchus. (crocodiles)

    Flying dinos are fragile as they dont have good health and bad defense
    but ok damage. Water and land dinosaurs like Crocs are one of the best
    choices, you not wanting to play as one was a bad idea. Thats alot of
    tips on Dinosaur Simulator by DuckMiser.

  3. Erfan Gaming

    I live in Australia and I have one of the best wifi Optus NBN but still, takes about 1 hour to load WTH!!!!

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