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  1. Tanya Hogan

    I just listen to your decision video and I have to share with you the timing is perfect, and I mean PERFECT. I am in the decision process of staying in college, finding a job and give up on the dream for a year, my DR has advised me to quit the job I was in as I was/am breaking down mentally. (So really I can’t get a job right now anyways) but my income has stoped from the government source while the medical stuff is getting figured out. ( yes this is the short version lol). I am also in a new relationship of seven months and scared shitless of trusting any man because they trigger my PTSD. Wow that’s a lot now that I see it written out BUT with this video and the 5 second rule here goes so decisions. I am going to commit to this amazingly trust worth man and because he does expand me personally and we build each other up in the short term and ultimate in the long term. ( one decision down )Finishing college, 5,4,3,2,1 I am in. It will expand me in the short term and the long term. (One more decision down) Employment (if it was an option) 5,4,3,2,1, not at this time I am looking at what I have done already and it doesn’t expand me in short term or long term. (That three major decisions done!) To cover the lack of income I will get up everyday and make my bed, shower get dressed and be ready for whatever comes my way no hesitation or procrastination. On the days when anxiety overwhelms me I will just keep workout at the gym. To all the circumstances that try to knock me down I say KISS MY ASS! Thank you Mel just wanted to share a bit of the encouragement I have received from you. Thank you Tanya Hogan (Warrior princess )

  2. Azzurro Linoone

    I used to respect Mel until she started speaking about white privilege. She is just another liberal cuckoo. You can learn her technique in one video. You don't need her book. It's like one big collage of testimonials from anyway.

  3. shilpa paruchuri

    Thank you for the advise. I came across this particular video when I was casually surfing. I don’t remember seeing any other video of your’s. But let me tell you one thing.. this has become an answer to my question lingering for 10 years and has become a sign for to make THAT next step.. guess life/ God has a way of showing us what to do. Thank you so much for the reasoning you gave.. greatly appreciate it!

  4. Tess Goodman

    Love Mel, but so many of these inspirational and motivational speakers speak as if WE are the only ones to consider in our decisions. What if I have a family to support? Sure, I'd love to chase every one of my dreams, but that's not the responsible thing to do when others' lives are also at stake. Some of us won't just up and quit decent paying jobs we hate because we care about the people we are supporting as well. I disagree that one should make decisions purely with the heart… it will only lead to selfishness. We have brains for a reason, and decisions made without rational thought are often very careless ones.

  5. Pamela Gregory

    So true! Great advice. I always inquire within (as well as teach), if I do _________ does it make me feel lighter, or heavier? The decision that makes us feel freer is more in alignment with love and truth than the choice that makes us feel heavier. Our heart always knows that doing the right thing, though it may not be the fun or easy way out, is always a win/win for all involved. Love you, Mel! <3

  6. Jeca Martinez Art

    I'm BLOWN AWAY by this video! Thank you for creating something life changing for your viewers!

  7. ravi chandar

    very nice video and wisdom!! It's also said that said that you will know you're doing the right thing if you can tell your mom about it, without shame. i used this scale for a long time, and the one time i did not, I ended up paying a price for it.

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