17 thoughts on “HOW TO: SOLO TRAVEL (traveling alone)

  1. Supreme Banana

    HELLO! Today's video is a hiiiiiighly requested one and I cover topics like: how to stay safe while traveling alone, where to stay, how much money to bring, phone service, socializing, etc. And of course, thank you again to hostelworld.com for being such an awesome company ^.^

  2. Fabiana Zenzero

    can I just say something about hostels? I travel. a lot. but this year for the first time I've been in a hostel only because I was with friends who wanted to save money. I was completely against it. and jfc I was so right! the smell in the room was deadly to say at least. you have to shower with other girls (thanks no thanks), spleeping was IMPOSSIBLE. the snoring is unbearable. I mean… great way to save money but. NO. HELL NO. WORST EXPERIENCE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. I still have nightmares. never again.

  3. NinjaMask YouIdiot

    It's funny to see that so many, especially young, people recommend to travel alone. I did this summer and compared to traveling with friends, I found it awful. Of course everyone is different but nobody should feel to be forced by all these young, inspiring people (because I did somehow). I would never do it again voluntarily. It means so much more to me to share my experiences with loved people, to laugh about situations and to think back when the trip is over.
    Although I would name myself an introvert, this doesn't count for travels. It was just depressing 😀

  4. Emily Jones

    Love, love, loved this video! You should make another one about tips on how to eat vegan while traveling abroad!

  5. autumn w

    this was super helpful!! i travel quite a lot i guess u could say, once every year and a half or so w my parents. ive never traveled alone tho and would really love to inthe future!! love u cami

  6. Newme Ramouni

    Solo travel is the best. And you’re are so right in the sense that it gives you confidence. I recommend writing down the address of where you are staying on that trip! Keep it in a notebook in your backpack or purse Incase your phone dies and you can’t walk back, you can catch a taxi and you have the address on you.
    Make a friend or find someone you can trust, like a hotel manager or receptionist or a neighbor in your Airbnb. They can give you a lot of intel on where to go and how to stay safe.
    Also your tip on the cellphone service cami is the way to go!! Definitely if you will be driving in a foreign country!

  7. Roz Is So Cool

    I've been thinking about traveling a lone for the longest time and I got so overwhelmed about it because there's so much I didn't know. Thank you for braking it down and making it a lot more simple to digest. You've inspired me to want to go someplace new esp. by myself. Thank you for making this!!

  8. Sydney Cooper

    I also highly recommend Google hangouts it allows you and your friends and family can video chat, call, and message over Wi-Fi for free! I used it the whole time I've been out of the state's and it worked wonderfully and it's easy to use!
    P.s. it can also be downloaded on iPhones too!!

  9. Martine Nergaard

    its so cool that ive followed u for almost two years because seeing u travel and growing as a person is so so awesome

  10. J. Quinn

    I backpacked for 3 months solo and all of this is 100% top notch advice.
    Bonus tip: take advantage of free walking tours, and you can download a language for offline use on Google Translate if you're in a pinch.

  11. aba r

    I would love to experience that. I’m married though (no kids). My husband and family will probably worry If I try traveling alone, but I truly want to do so for the “independence.” I have neglected many of my “want to do” list for so long, I think it’s time I do something special for myself.

  12. Sílvia Janeiro

    i really miss seing your hands when you talk! it's like, your trademark!! 😀 btw eyeliner on point ;D

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