19 thoughts on “Is Masah over normal socks permissible? Shaykh Mohammad Yasir Al-Hanafi

  1. Yusuf Saddique

    Mashallah, explained very well reminds you of class. Sheikh is a great teacher who explains everything without leaving anything out. He'll give you the full explanation in depth including various iktilaafs.

    May allah accept his efforts and grant him and his family a place in jannat ul firdoos.


  2. shoaib02

    MashAllah – amazing thorough analysis! Same with the feet to feet issue.

    I would love to meet this imam one day InshAllah. Salaam from Birmingham 🙂

  3. Mohammed Umar

    Shaykh has respectfully dismantled this issue with thorough analysis and strong counter evidences, mashallah.

  4. Abdirizak Bashir Ali

    This sheikh has not left anything unturned regarding this issue, well explained and analysed, amazing

  5. FriendForTheSufferer

    SubhanAllah Mashaa Allah how can anyone still persist on this action after having listened to this lecture. SubhanAllah.

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