11 thoughts on “IT Movie DELETED SCENES (Director’s Cut Explained)

  1. Stimpson J. Kat

    i'd also love if Seth Green played Eddie as an adult. hell i'd love the kids from the original film to play in chapter 2. well the ones still around minus of course Johnathon Brandis sadly. anyways, since they are doing this i wish they'd put out a version with deleted scenes if they are still even around of the tv movie. i dunno if they still exist but there is a workprint that is a hell of a lot longer that i wish they'd put out as i would love to see it.

  2. Kevin Arco

    Here's my wish list for the adult actors: Ben= Jason Ritter, Ritchie: Seth Green. Mike: Will Smith. Bill: Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Stan: Rob Schneider, and for Beverly I'd pick Mary Kate Olsen or Ashley Olsen. Same difference I guess. Oh and Jim Carrey as Eddie.

  3. BenOstreicher Vlogs

    I loved it. they made pennywise so good this time hope the second movie is better than the first

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