13 thoughts on “Jim Croce – Time in a bottle – 1973

  1. Sky Watcher

    Wooooow! Powerful power ful! You know something about life people? Don't wast time thumbs down and don't wast time thumbing down! You get it? Do you?

  2. wacko jacko

    one of Jim's coolest songs it tells how fragile life is Jim was a normal musician who made brilliant songs unlike the current generation sad he died early

  3. mike fan

    Those that are saying how sad or happy are missing the point, he sings of life, can't have have sad without happy. . . how else would we know the difference.

  4. Kyroz Vlogs

    Why would I pay money for him to just be the same thing with a depressed unemployed Danny phantom of the opera house in Elizabeth Warren Buffett 's Berkshire Hathaway and shopping malls in a depressed unemployed and shopping malls in a depressed unemployed Danny phantom. I only use the suggested words for this try it if your on Samsung

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