11 thoughts on “Just Dusty Documentary.

  1. Anastasia


    when I say I needed you`.. …you said you would always stay`…..

    I have to be up and out by 630am`….
    please love me`..please…
    Believe me“..I do love you“.

    have to sleep now ..get a few hours`..I hope there is no upset..anger as to this apt ..
    please pray for me`…as I do you.. I love you so`.

  2. Jon Wizard

    with "england" you mean the British Isles?! …Scotland, Ireland & Wales are NOT "england"…if you mean the British Isles then say that and NOT "england" !

  3. Mike Hudson

    Great documentary, Dusty was the real deal, as a small boy I clearly remember her, she made an impact on me.

  4. MrCallipygous

    Silver Threads and Golden Needles by The Springfields was not a top ten record in the states. Its highest position was 20. So which group actually was the first?

  5. LA Screen

    Love Dusty! I'm hung up, though, on a trivial detail. She said she was short/near sighted, meaning she can see up close but not far. So why would she have trouble seeing her makeup job when she's sitting right in front of a mirror? She said she had to memorize her lines because she couldn't see the cue cards off in the distance. Putting on makeup shouldn't have been a problem unless she had the cameraman holding her mirror.

  6. eva camille thoroughman

    Dusty`s been in my heart for 54 years. Why she`s been heavily on my mind this past week I don`t know but she has. I`m loving her and missing her more than ever and regretting not having found or made a way to tell her something of what I`ve just written here.

  7. Fuzzy One

    I love Dusty!! She is one of my favorite singers . My friends laugh at me when i listen to her. But i don''t care. I tell them to shut up!!! And i keep playing her. Then to torture them i start playing Petula Clark, another singer i adore.. lol

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