17 thoughts on “Justice League Post Credits Scene Breakdown

  1. Emergency Awesome

    Here's my Justice League Post Credits Scene video. A very comic book-y moment and a very world-building moment. I also included the alternate deleted scene ending references I think they changed. Posting my Arrow Deathstroke video next and Spoilery Justice League Review tomorrow 🙂

  2. Andre Beau-lee

    whattt whattt we need darkseid man and im not sure well get to justice league three or something sardseid has been expected for so long

  3. Richard Burchill

    Injustice vs justice hell yes they need to make that movie however we need a couple of Darkside end credit scenes in the future he should not be forgotten about

  4. JediRockStar

    As much as I like Batman, i strongly dislike Ben Afflecks take on him. The exact same with the Flash/Ezra miller

  5. Tevinter Imperium

    Did anyone else automatically think that the Joker was involved in Lex's escape? The hysterical way that fake Luthor looked and was laughing made me think that the Joker is already a member of the Injustice League. Joker has already broken Harley out so it makes sense that he could have broken Luthor out too.

  6. ploddodd

    i'm sorry, but any if the future released Justice League films does not contain Darkseid in any of them, thats just crazy for me.

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