15 thoughts on “Kesha – Learn To Let Go (Official Video)

  1. Fit Food And Art

    Just found Kesha omg her awakening is exactly what I just went through this summer. I love her so much now

  2. Stephen O'Connor

    This music sounds so much better. All of her old songs were just autotuned, about partying and hooking up and making her look more provocative. She doesn't need any of that.
    She just needs to be her and after all of the crap she's gone through, she's a new artist

  3. Shirley Ware

    The voices saying what you thought you was good enough what ever made you think or feel that. You never going to be good enough, as you sit there trying not to cry forcing pain to keep the tears away shaking your head no forcing the voice at bay wonder when will it be that day that the voice will forever stay away. Love this song!!!!

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