Knott’s Berry Farm Announces HANGTIME Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster!

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18 thoughts on “Knott’s Berry Farm Announces HANGTIME Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster!

  1. Lit squad vlogs What's up everyone ?.?

    I WANTED KNOTTS TO GET AN RMC COASTER!!!! :((((….but this coaster should be fun

  2. Tyler Chinappi

    I just realized, this ride will be California's FIRST "vertical lift" coaster and California's FIRST coaster with a "BEYOND vertical drop" it's about damn time we got one out here

  3. Derp DerpyFace

    Well, just got to wait and see how hard six flags throws the St. Louis park under the bus this year.

  4. Mike Brown

    WTF______STOP!!! Is Knot's berry farm is actually getting a real insane roller coaster-THEM………..

  5. Roller Coaster Fan

    I have a feeling that ValleyFair is going to be sold to SixFlags, or it is just a very experimental park. We will have Delirium (Larson Super Loop) and North Star (A Star Flyer) and both of those are firsts to CF.

  6. Doctor Dickcuntlover

    What a time to live in California
    1 CGA TrailBlazer
    4 SFMM ?

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