Large Bust, Regular Dress Size Problems! | HACKS, TIPS & FAILS

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9 thoughts on “Large Bust, Regular Dress Size Problems! | HACKS, TIPS & FAILS

  1. JayBobJayBob

    OK, if you want us to help you're gonna have to show us your boobs in the flesh. Please post a video so my colleagues and I can start engineering such clothing.

  2. Tearose Kennedy

    I sew poppers in between buttons so that stretched gap situation is resolved. Someone says to use a wonderweb type iron on glue but how are you supposed to get it on? The poppers are as cheap as chips on ebay.

  3. Mumina Mahdi

    yes thank you so much big boob girl problems we need a clothing line for us 5.5 big boob girls 24 inch waist and I wear a d-34 hard to find dresses that appeal to my shape 120pls

  4. Alisha Olivares

    Oh i have been looking for these tips! thank you my search is over and i will be watching them all!!

  5. Sammie Watson

    I am having this problem really a lot trying to find something flattering for a full skirt I made. Ugh. But think a body suit and a cardigan are gonna have to do. Thanks for this video.

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