18 thoughts on “Lawn Care Tips : How to Level Uneven Spots in a Lawn

  1. Spiritual Trigger

    This is no good to anyone that's got a fence in place! Unless of course you remove 3 inches of dirt soil. Then top-up with sand? And soil before composting the top. Sand will eventually sink thus rendering it as useless, unless it's a meter in depth.

  2. peteandjanis

    so what if there is grass and dips around the yard ? can I still do this and expect to re sod the whole yard ?

  3. Joe Nash

    Our whole lawn is uneven. Should I cover the entire thing? It's also on a bit of a hill so would be worried about any of the stuff put down being washed downhill in rain.

  4. Alexander Cooper

    Sounds like they are trying to go for a cash grab, or don't want to go through the process of doing it the right way.

    Unless you have horrible problems with weeds as well as a terribly lumpy lawn this is the best way to do it.

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