12 thoughts on “Lecrae – Boasting

  1. Jesse Contreras

    you need to follow GOD he will lead you threw everything in life if your going threw something pray and a miracle will happen. i'm just saying that because im christian and i always be only HE can lead me threw my toughest times in life.

  2. Stephen Herd

    i may not have a beief iin religion but he gives me faith to keep pushing through after all of the things ive been through – kalli perry

  3. Blanca Canales

    Lecrae is the Best! He is doing Godś will by saving the lost generation. Its not about religion but having a relationship with the Lord. If you dont believe in God and His Son Jesus you have nothing to lose in the world but if you are wrong you have eternal life to lose in heaven. Dont turn away from Jesus He came to save the world from sin. If we suffer its only temporary Jesus is coming soon to take His people be ready!!!!. If the world is violent is because we have walked away from Gods word dont blame God for evil we have free choice to follow Him or despise Him. God was never been obligated to give us life just what Lecrae mentioned. We need to be soldiers for God and rise up a generation that glorifies Jesus for dying for us and giving us life. Lets not be selfish with our lifeś and live for JESUS CHRIST!!!!!! GOD BLESS LECRAES Hard work!!

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