20 thoughts on “Lester the Unlikely (SNES)- Continue?

  1. Oru Suta

    Man, I'm kind of into that Continue screen. I know you guys just introduced those new graphics, but the Lester banners are pretty dope.

  2. Bronze Dog

    From what I heard, Lester's supposed to be a badass by the end of the game, but the game has you in nerd stereotype mode for so long, few people get that far into the game before frustration with the intentionally clunky controls prevents them from caring.

    But in this era, someone's probably got a Let's Play up. Might watch the last episode of one to see if it's true.

  3. Regis Drako

    My dad and two of my brothers are named Lester. Dad and Lester died but Lester is still alive. I love watching Paul, Nick and Josh. Nick is adorably cuddly, Paul is smooth, and Josh is cool. CONTINUE

  4. roque trinidad

    What happened? Continue? used to get 30-40k views per video most their recent stuff is >10k. It's still the same great show, why have they lost viewers

  5. Super Virtual Boy Show

    You know what would make Josh really cool? If he could do a jump on a Razor scooter while vaping AND fidget spinning, while also wearing aviator sunglasses and a Monster Energy trucker cap. Recipe for instant coolest dude ever.

  6. Filthykur

    This game sounds like the premise to a Rob Schneider movie. Rob Schneider is… Lester the Unlikely. Rated PG-13

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