17 thoughts on “[MAD] Valvrave the Liberator x My long forgotten cloistered sleep

  1. Zero Kiryu

    thx for all ur hard work seriously man u r awesome one of my favorite amv and one of the amv which made me cry seriously awesome work i just love it it's so damm awesome

  2. Liza Einstien

    its so confusing.I think haruto did not die because in the end after the last fight elf wake up haruto but we see a while ago before the fight that haruto bite elf so until the time he wake up haruto ,they didn't switch body's because elf didn't bite haruto,then after that haruto body die so it means haruto is alive on elf body and only the body of haruto died and also the elf existence…

  3. sandy rose

    why sensei can make Haruto disappears like Lelouch just fake death please why!?! Just let Haruto has fake dead like …MY TEARS came out

  4. Nagisaakb0

    after watching this shit… why….;_; I need to watch this anime instantly ;___; It got me really hard…. T__T SO MUCH FEELS ;____;


    have not seen this anime or heard this song….
    just wanted to see it since it popped up.
    great video tho….

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