17 thoughts on “Monster Hunter: World – Wildspire Waste Trailer

  1. Monster Pampers

    First time I'll play MH in multiplayer in that amazing world, it looks so exciting, oh god… love love love.

  2. etopsirhc

    in regards to ppl calling lao at the end. watch it back at .25 speed. it's head clearly tilts up like it has a short neck, unlike lao shun which has a long neck .

    also to those saying that the piscine wyvren is a plesioth, it's not. the plesioth has fully formed wings, the lavasioth has the smaller fins like what's shown, so it may be a that this is a cousin species of the plesioth ( like the yian garuga is to the yian kut ku ) , but a kind of sub species of the lavasioth, or more accuracy, the lavasioth as a subspecies of it.

  3. Luis Carlo Frias Paredes

    It's been a while since i had such a hype for a game. This will be the best game of the franchise and i can't express how happy i am. MH never dissapoints, thanks Capcom for make it happen on PS4 too!

  4. Quentin Vincent

    While you losers are going to war over the fact that this isn't being released on nintendo, I'll be playing MH on every system from the PS2 to the Nintendo Switch.

  5. Darthplagueis13

    We have: Barroth, Diablos, a mud-based lavasiothlike, a weird dodo thing, a psychidelic chameleon-bird crossbreed and an enormous elder dragon that looks a bit like godzilla…

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