17 thoughts on “My Top 5 Tips For Growing Tomatoes.

  1. fadeddenims501

    Have you ever used suckers to propagate more tomato plants? I have seen that done in some videos.

  2. LucasGrowsBest

    Awesome tomato garden and tips! Do you put fertilizer on your tomato plants as well or not? I subscribed because I love to watch your videos. Keep up the fantastic work!

  3. Angel M

    I've planted tomatoes in April and it has yet to produce any fruit :/ it's just really bushy! Any reason why?

  4. Mrs. Homemaker

    am not sure if I can recognize the suckers plant by now or not!?? any idea if the leaf looks different??

  5. Rochelle Wilson

    Any suggestions for cleaning dishsoap & cayenne pepper off my tomato plants? I used this concoction to prevent hornworms from taking over…they look like they're dying 🙁

  6. Bonnie Smith

    I think I made a mistake. You said to not till wood chips into the dirt. This year for the first time, I added wood chips to my compost. Layered with veggie scraps, soil and then chips.

  7. SAM Taylor

    I take suckers and propagate them. Take them at about 4 inches and start a second crop. Don't waste them.

  8. Remember-the-Aharit

    Excellent information for tomatoes! I have been struggling with tomatoes and killed a few plants. I think I have been watering too much. Thank you for this great video! I am a new subscriber. I can tell you know what you're talking about!

  9. a4000t

    i pop the suckers into a pot and root them, great way to multiply your tomato plants.It gives me quick and easy big plants for fall if i decide to add more plants.

  10. mark toth

    Great video, I echo the comments of all, what a kind act to share you knowledge with us. We will look forward to more if you have the time to share with us, cheers, Mark

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