New Chinese Rail Line Buries Kenya in Debt | China Uncensored

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13 thoughts on “New Chinese Rail Line Buries Kenya in Debt | China Uncensored

  1. The Observer

    Is this series explicitly dedicated to show downsides of China ? I guess, you should not be criticize China everytime. Infact you can mention how strategically China is winning the game and what rest of the world should learn from it.

  2. Spero

    Why China just does given a fuck. Kenya is being raped, for a 3rd time, and it's their government that is facilitating it. I forsee disenfranchised locals in Kenya joining terrorist organizations and totally destabilizing the country and leading to China likely losing out on it's predatory loan. People want to make a race issue out of it, but it's really a 1% issue. They're the ones that have always called the shots. They all work together while the silly little peasants are distracted by bullshit social issues. Divide and conquer.

  3. Martin Miano

    what!!! You've focused so much on the shenanigans surrounding it without even looking at the high impact it has given economically. Those setbacks may or mayn't be true but it doesn't go without saying that it's a big economical step for Kenya.
    The way you've presented is way to biased, I suggest you do take time in organizing how you present certain issues otherwise you'll be portrayed as an ignorant and biased.

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