New Clinton Emails Uncovered. Reveals More Corruption, Bribery, Security Risks

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18 thoughts on “New Clinton Emails Uncovered. Reveals More Corruption, Bribery, Security Risks

  1. anne harris

    The entire FBI/CIA is made up of TRAITORS purchased by the evil Global Elite. Bush Sr. & Islam converted Brennon (the grand daddies of satanists), McMaster, Mueller, Clapper,Comey along with the Clinton Cartel and their MSM lap dogs are heinous, Pedophiles that deny God & Family. Evil luciferians that sold their souls to the dark side way back. Almighty God Yahweh can't get here soon enough to drain his putrid swamp!

  2. James Gilliam

    How long they take to lock her uuuuup!!!The more people keep getting killed. So do America a favor!! PLEASE LOCK THAT KILLER UP ONCE AND FOR ALL. Because the American people want her destroyed.

  3. Bruce Schweyer

    The so-called "political class" that not only puts up with this kind of conduct but actively promotes it as well…..fully deserves to be locked up along with their playtoys – Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Podesta, Robert Mueller, James Comey. …and far, far too many more. Prison is too good for these miscreants. They are not to be viewed as "sick", nor are their frantic antics to be viewed as "mistakes", either. This is all deliberate and willful misconduct.

  4. Joe Schillaci

    Thank you so much for continuing to expose what an evil piece of garbage this woman is. Unfortunately I have been doing the same since 1992 all the way back to the cocaine and gun-running and Mena Arkansas by her scumbag husband and the CIA. For some reason these evil vile creatures have been allowed to survive and continue to terrorize this nation with their horrible policies and ideas. Just like an old Chicago crime family they murder, intimidate and blackmail their enemies to remain in power. As a result they will never ever never never ever be brought to Justice.

  5. Kim Coughlin

    Please tell us why these people have not been brought to justice yet…so bloody corrupt…Mueller should be doing something about this not be going after Trump…Hillary only said this in case they found more emails…bloody hell lock her up

  6. Michelle Lamson

    Hillary will be dead before all of the so called investigations are finished. I have given up on her being held accountable for anything. Sad

  7. Chloe7 Seven

    No matter WHAT they dig up – NOTHING will happen to this woman. She is, like the Queen of England Untouchable and UNindictable simply because she has far too much dirt on just about EVERYBODY. So don't waste your breath on her crimes. She's above everybody on G-d's earth, above TRUMP, above Comey, Above Sessions, the whole entire lot!

  8. Michael Angelo

    Clintons have committed the crime of the century and with mountains of existing evidence still smiling and waving to the throngs of idiots and FREE. What is it going to take to charge , prosecute and imprison them ?

  9. Mel Freitas

    She keeps opening her fat mouth talking shit. Shut her the fuck up once and for all. Do your fucking job Sessions.

  10. Damon Craig

    How much EVIDENCE do we need on this life-long, career criminal bitch before we have the long coming satisfaction of seeing her in an orange jump suit??? I want photo ops.

  11. Jimmy Kraktov

    They used to throw people in with the lions. Can't we have them eat Hillary or would that make them sick and die?

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