12 thoughts on “New Fomo Daily Podcast: Unbiased!

  1. LooYee

    Listened to the first episode, and subscribed straight away. Really interesting listening a new fan get into this, and you two are great hosts for the podcast.

  2. ThnxMyGod

    Please React to Babbu Maan's Songs.
    He Got 4 World Music Awards in 2014 Defeated Most Famous Bollywood Artists..
    Babbu Maan,A. R. Rahman,Arijit Singh,Garry Sandhu,Master Saleem,Shankar Mahadevan,Yo Yo Honey Singh.

    —-Babbu Maan defeated Bollywood's Most famous Singers Given Above —

    2.WORLDS BEST LIVE ACT nominees Are

    Babbu Maan
    ,A. R. Rahman,Arijit Singh,Atif Aslam,Garry Sandhu,Master Saleem,Shankar Mahadevan,Shreya Ghoshal,Sunidhi Chauhan,Yo Yo Honey Singh.
    —-Babbu Maan defeated Bollywood's Most famous Singers Given Above —


    A. R. Rahman,Arijit Singh,Atif Aslam,Babbu Maan,Garry Sandhu,Master Saleem,Yo Yo Honey Singh
    —-Babbu Maan defeated Bollywood's Most famous Singers Given Above —
    4.WORLDS BEST ALBUM Nominees Are
    *Talaash – Babbu Maan
    *Blue Eyes – Yo Yo Honey Singh
    —-Babbu Maan defeated Yo Yo Honey Singh——

  3. Bangtan Bangtan

    I already love this show. It gives people who are unfamiliar with kpop a chance to become familiar and grow to love it. This way more people will fall in love and become hardcore fans! btw I'm really glad that Sean is one of the hosts because he is actually my favorite reactor. He always keeps an open mind and always has something positive to say!

  4. Jinah Im

    I really hope you guys don't just do the groups that are popular in the west like bts got7 and blackpink!!!! Please check out some of the groups who have a larger following in asia like INFINITE, SHINEE, VIXX, AOA etc it's so tiring to see kpop type channels only focus on bts and groups like that although I do consider myself an ARMY.

  5. M Rodriguez

    when you mean unbias you better not just react to exo bts got7 please be as diverse as possible there way more groups to see

  6. Tyadrwz _

    Yess I listened to the first episode and I really enjoyed it! Can't wait for the next episode. I didn't expect Anna to know that much about kpop lol. Oh btw rapmon confirmed the theory about spring day being a tribute to the sewol tragedy. You guys should look it up, it's really interesting and made me have so much more respect for them. Also, Anna and I have the same bias groups 🙂

  7. Şey Şey

    I have a request. Please, make videos about other underrated artists/Idols too. Not only BTS twice etc.

  8. Anaiah K

    Love this! More, please!!!
    And don't worry, Sean, I was 33 when I first got into Kpop. Sometimes, I feel like I'm too old to be listening to it but, it's just too damn good and I love it!

    Witnessed BTS' growth since their debut, and my love for the group is stronger than ever!

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