11 thoughts on “No Water Needed | Fire Drag Marble Nail Art Design Tutorial

  1. Jennifer Hadrich

    Out of curiosity, do u make the acrylic nails too and then paint them or do u just do the nail art only?

  2. Liza Brown

    I love watching this technique. But how long does it take to dry that much polish? It seems like such a lot of polish..

  3. fatbox100

    Hi Robin, the rainbow roses tutorial is up there with my favourite nail art of yours. Could you do some bling nail art with crystals?

  4. Vitra Lalchan

    hi miss robin thanks for sending new tutorials . can u plz tell me how u clean your brushes and if I can make my own makeshift ones at home.

  5. Blanca A

    It's taken me like a year to finally get drag marble to work for me, but I think I'm finally getting the hang of it! Love your videos, each one is an inspiration ♥

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